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I still see my 16 year old self sitting in town, with a discman in my hands, listening to A Whisper Of Dew that I had just bought from the local record store, after loving Velvet Eyes on one of the sample CDs from a metal magazine I was reading to that time … that's where the journey began. I only knew little of MandragorA ScreaM back then, but I knew I loved their music that introduced me to a dark, mysterious world where I felt at home right from the start.

Time passed quickly and life tried to distract me. But it wouldn't succeed in the end, only teach me what I would need to know for the future. Many years later, some may call it by coincidence, but I don't believe in such things, our paths should cross.

What more can I say but that since this fateful day my life hasn't been the same anymore. Turned upside down if you want so. Where there was only gloom and hopelessness before, a life without sense or direction, they handed me a light, that even still shines when all others go out, that is there, when darkness threatens to devour me. I wouldn't know what to do without those two angels, Morgan and Terry, and I'm more than honoured that they chose me to be a part of this here.

And besides that I'm a drawing and painting artist & general loon with a love for dark things, old castles, long nights, crazy ideas + good music. I'm also a bookworm, interested in geology and the question about where we come from, who we are and what is going on on this planet.

I bid you a warm welcome.

Marlies Avenius

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